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Excellence in innovation


Our production facilities are 5,500 m2

LignumPlast is a manufacturer of food packaging for consumer and full-service HoReCa customers with a high level of vertical integration.

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Cling film

We specialize in the production of cling film and baking paper for both private labels and global brands.

All LignumPlast products are manufactured on modern equipment, which guarantees high quality and efficiency of use, short production times, as well as the ability to quickly respond to changing needs of our customers.

The cling film is made according to our own recipes and has several layers to achieve optimal consumer properties. Unfolding the cling wrap roll creates areas of positive and negative static charge that helps the film to "stick".

After the extrusion process, the film is wound on rollers and automatically enters the packaging line, where a box is formed with the help of a robot and the film is automatically placed in a box, boxes in an SRP box, and then the products are sent to palletizing.

Baking paper

We are a manufacturer of baker paper.

We produce paper for both consumer and professional use.


For clients

LignumPlast is a manufacturing site for global brands and retailers under their brand name.

Contact us to understand how we can make a product for you under your brand name or how we can improve / expand the range of products you already have.

Your brand is our responsibility, and every day we work hard to live up to your trust.

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